Pamela and Ed Stockton started Country Fresh Food & Confections, Inc. in 1989 in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, in the small Tennessee town of Oliver Springs. Prior to that, the Stocktons owned and operated convenience stores where they made and sold fudge to their customers. They were constantly told that their fudge was much better than the other fudges people had tried in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. It was at that time that they realized they could offer  customers the very finest product of it's kind with an extremely innovative fudge vending program. They understood that for some people, making their own fudge was not an option, so we offered a product that was not only superior, but easy to sell.

Since then,  they have worked tirelessly to create the perfect fudge, changing recipes numerous times until they were perfect.  To this day as technology, dietary requirements and preferences change, so do we. We are a company built on values and a reputation that honesty before profit is always the way to go. These are values Ed learned as a child working in his mother's bakery. He learned that the customer is what you're here for. If it's not right to them, then it just isn't right. Our fudge is made from the recipes that we developed unlike others on the market.

Country Fresh Food & Confections is a company that understands the value of our customers. On November 6, 2003 our plant, offices, and warehouse were all destroyed by fire. The only thing that was saved before the fire consumed everything was our file server and one forklift. However, we knew that this time of year was the busiest time for not only us but to our customers. So, we felt obligated to hurry back into production. On December 1, 2003 at 6:30 a.m. the first batches of fudge were put into production. Without our loyal customers, dedicated employees, understanding vendors, and our supportive community we surely would have faltered.

Since that time, we have been blessed to grow our business and serve even more fine customers. We continually strive to meet the unique needs of every customer by offering bulk fudge, fudge mix, and a variety of packaged fudge. We offer private label options and work with each client to determine the best method to fit our products into their retail sites.  We are proud of our 3rd Party Audited certification knowing we offer product made to the safest and highest of standards.